28 May 2010

We sadly note the passing of Mark Helm on 26 May 2010. He would have wanted us to say something like this: “Q: Hey, why won’t Mark Helm be at the St. Elmo’s Fire reunion? A: Because he’s dead.” We’ll just say that he was a complicated drummer and friend, may he rest in peace.

18 January 2007

It is with great regret that we lament the passing of Stephen John Stavnicky, on 15 January 2007. He was one of the finest Mellotron players on the planet, and we will miss him greatly.

December 2006

St. Elmo’s Fire has finally begun to receive some of the well-deserved attention that has been denied for over 25 years. Progression, the world’s pre-eminent progressive rock magazine, has published a six page in-depth article in the latest issue. That issue, #50, hit the newsstands and mail boxes in December 2006. Publisher John Collinge said it was about time they did a feature article on the band. “The tale of St. Elmo’s Fire still deserves telling—not only for the music it made back then, or for historical perspective on the genre’s commercial decline, but also for keeping its creative ‘fire’ stoked more than a quarter century later.” The feature covers the band’s erratic recording history since 1979 and includes an interview with band members as well as info on St. Elmo off-shoots Kill Tim’s Grass and progenitor Vasil Zook.

November 1979

Messrs. Feldman, Kollar, Helm & Weintraub begin recording sessions for the first St. Elmo’s Fire demos. Rhythm tracks are recorded for The Balrog, Parasites & Bureaucrats, Reluctant Bride, Steaming Pipes and The Nemo Syndrome. Recording takes place at the Fallen Alien rehearsal studio. This is followed 2 weeks later with overdub sessions done at the Wilton house with Steve Stavnicky and Fernando Vasqueze.

6 October 1979

Messrs. Feldman, Kollar, Helm & Weintraub perform Parasites & Bureaucrats, The Balrog, The Nuremberg Waltz, The Reluctant Bride, The Abduction and a selection of improvised numbers in public for the first time. Audience reaction is mostly positive and the quartet decides to continue as St. Elmo’s Fire.