St. Elmo’s Fire

Live at the Cleveland Agora
Corposant Records CRS001 (1980)

Fantasy Come Reality 320 kbps mp3

Splitting Ions in the Ether
Sprawling Productions SPL-9801 (1998)

Parasites and Bureaucrats 320 kbps mp3

Artifacts Of Passion
Sprawling Productions SPL-5545 (2001)

The Dead Sea Scrolls 320 kbps mp3

Sprawling Productions SPL-0404 (2004)

Anxiety 320 kbps mp3

Paul M. Kollar

Subtle Matter
Sprawling Productions SPL-9901 (2001)

The Ring And The River 320 kbps mp3

Previously unreleased
From 2001 sessions with Mark Edwards

Jenny 128 kbps mp3
June 128 kbps mp3

Vasil Zook

The Last Live Show
Sprawling Productions SPL-9701 (1997)

Stop That Ship 320 kbps mp3


Just Made It Up
Studio 415 S415-016 (2003)

She’s No Fun (She Fell Right Over)
    320 kbps mp3

Live At The Flipside 1/17/04
Studio 415 S415-??? (2004)

Rebus Jumps 320 kbps mp3

Kill Tim’s Grass

Lizard Ignition
In-progress (201?)

Daisy’s Blind Date 320 kbps mp3